Are your product guaranteed?

Disclaimer (Sorry, folks, in today's age this is a necessary evil)

All content, services, products and software provided on this web site are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. New Events Group, Inc. (the owner of this site and all content therein), and its suppliers and licensors disclaim all warranties, express or implied including, without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. You are solely responsible for the appropriateness of the site, its content, and the products and services offered by NewEvents Group, Inc. on this site for your intended application and use. New Events Group, Inc. does not warrant that the site, its content, or the products and services it offers on the site meet your requirements. New Events Group, Inc., its suppliers and licensors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages, even if New Events Group, Inc., its suppliers or licensors have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Why do you have two sites for your products?

Well, one ( is a "preview" site. It is always open and you can reach me there anytime by email for questions or concerns. The "store" (where you are now) is sometimes closed for maintenance. When it is closed, you will not be able to reach the store's contact email.

If I order an electronic download, will it be available in my account forever?

Unfortunately, no. Electronic downloads are available for 3 days and you have 4 attempts available to download a file. After that, the download link expires. This is to prevent theft and/or "sharing" of my files. Of course, if you have a need to access your purchase beyond these limitations, please contact me. I will work with you to make it possible. You can read our full Refund Policy at the link at the bottom of this page.

Tip: Why doesn't the Category content at match the same Category content in the store?

Well, with few exceptions, it does. Perhaps you have missed the "More" button at the bottom of Category pages that have too much to fit on one page. For example, there are over 100 products in the "Taste of Texas/Miscellaneous" category. But each page displays only 12 at a time. So, in order to see all of the products, you will need to click the "More" button at the bottom of the page. This will load 12 more. Etc., etc.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still buy your products?

Yes. PayPal securely processes purchases made on our site, but you don't need a PayPal account to make the purchase. When you reach the PayPal site you will be able to select whether you pay with a personal PayPal account or with a personal credit card.

How can I tell what size the Embroidery Designs Are?

On each Embroidery Design Page for color, silhouette and outline files, just above the Adobe Reader icon, is a link to the Color Sheet for the design. The Color Sheet will tell you the size of the design, and list the colors in the design. Of course, colors are a personal choice. So you should feel free to use what you think will best fit your needs.

How can I tell what size the Draw/Emboss files are?

The Draw/Emboss files have been made as either 3x3 or 4x4 sizes (approximately). This is so you can get a visual estimate of the "density" of the design to see if it is appropriate for your intended use. You can resize the Draw/Emboss files to whatever size fits your need when you load the design on your ScanNCut machine. You should take the visual representation of the design as an indication of whether or not it is suitable for your purchase.

Why are all of the images in the Crafter's Mall watermarked?

Short answer: Because of internet theft. It has taken years to develop these designs and I sell them at a very reasonable price. I really appreciate those users who abide by the Terms of Use! But, for those who do not, please find something better to do with your life.

Some of the images in the Crafter's Mall look a little too dark / too light. Are they?

In some cases, our watermark might make a design look a little darker in some areas than it actually is. But, the way the designs look ultimately depends a great deal on your individual monitor settings and will vary user-by-user. Fortunately, most graphic editor programs will allow you to make adjustments to the brightness and contrast settings to get exactly the print results you want.


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